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Last Revised 19 March 2010

The JiaZong.com.my services comprise of the JiaZong.com.my website ("Website"), and any other features or services offered from time to time by JiaZong.com.my (collectively, " JiaZong.com.my Services"). The JiaZong.com.my Services is operated by Foundermall Dot Com Sdn Bhd. ("we", "us", "our" or " JiaZong.com.my ").

Use of or access to this Website is subject to these JiaZong.com.my Terms of Use ("Agreement") and JiaZong.com.my 's Privacy Policy and INCORPORATED HEREIN BY REFERENCE. JiaZong.com.my may modify or vary this Agreement anytime and from time to time and any such changes shall be effective upon being posted on the Website. When you access the Website and/or use the JiaZong.com.my Services you are deemed to have agreed to comply with and to be bound by this Agreement and any changes thereof.

While this Terms of Use has general application on your use of JiaZong.com.my Services, there may be other terms of use that govern only specific JiaZong.com.my Services. Such terms of use is made additional to this Term of Use and you are expected to get yourself familiarized with such terms of use too.



In order to qualify as a member of JiaZong.com.my or to use the Website

(i) as an individual:
  (a) you must be 13 years of age or older
  (b) all personal data provided by you during the registration process shall be true, complete, accurate and current
  (c) you undertake that your use of JiaZong.com.my Services will not violate any applicable law or regulation

(ii) as an organisation (Joint Management Body / Condominium Representative / Apartment Representative / Residence Representative):
  (a) you must be an authorised representative of the organisation to create a profile for the organisation
  (b) all organisation data provided by you during the registration process shall be true, complete, accurate and current
  (c) you undertake that your use of JiaZong.com.my services via the organisation profile will not violate any applicable law or regulation otherwise your organisation profile and your membership may be terminated immediately without any notice to you.

For users aged between 13 and 18, parental guidance is advised. JiaZong.com.my will not be responsible for any harm or security threat received if you have misrepresented your age during registration.

In order to qualify as a group owner / forum moderator of JiaZong.com.my or to use the Website(i) as a representative of an organisation (Joint Management Body / Condominium Representative / Apartment Representative / Residence Representative):

  (a) you must be an authorised representative of the organisation to create a group/forum for the organisation
  (b) all organisation data provided by you during the registration process shall be true, complete, accurate and current
  (c) you undertake that your use of JiaZong.com.my services via the organisation profile will not violate any applicable law or regulation otherwise your organisation profile and your membership may be terminated immediately without any notice to you.

(ii) as an individual:
  (a) you must be 13 years of age or older
  (b) JiaZong.com.my holds no responsibility on the content you post in your group / forum
  (c) All activities in forum is bond under Forum Rule.


You will abide and be bound by this Agreement for as long as you continue to use the JiaZong.com.my Services or are a Member.

This Agreement will remain in full force and effect while you use the Website and/or are a Member. We may terminate your membership for any reason at any time. If you are using a paid version of any of the JiaZong.com.my Services and we terminate your membership because you have breached this Agreement, you will not be entitled to any refund of unused subscription fees. Even after your membership is terminated, certain sections of this Agreement will remain in effect.

International Use

We make no representations that the Website is appropriate or available for use in any location. Your access of the Website or use of the JiaZong.com.my Service is of your own volition and you agree and undertake to comply with applicable local, national and international laws and regulations regarding online conduct and internet content and in particular the transmission of technical data exported from the country of your residence.


Your JiaZong.com.my membership is free. We however reserve the right to charge for the use of JiaZong.com.my Services or any part thereof at any time hereafter or to revise the fees or to change or discontinue the JiaZong.com.my Services or any part thereof without any prior notice.

Member Account, Password and Security

You will have to create an account upon registering for the JiaZong.com.my Services. All information provided must be true, accurate and complete. You are required to furnish the following information to register. It is your sole responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your account data including your password. Any unauthorized use of your account or breach of any security must be notified to JiaZong.com.my immediately upon your being aware of the same.

Under no circumstances are you to use the account, username, or password of another Member at any time.

Discretion of JiaZong.com.my on Commercial Use by Members

The JiaZong.com.my Services are intended solely for both personal and organisation membership.
You agree not to copy, transfer or to use any data or information belonging to other persons without permission including without limitation, names, photos, and email addresses, links to sell, promote or market any product or services or to send unsolicited email or to link to the Website.

Commercial advertisements affiliate links, and other forms of solicitation may be removed from Member profiles without notice and may result in termination of Membership privileges.

Appropriate legal action will be taken for any illegal or unauthorised use of the Website or JiaZong.com.my Services.

Ownership and responsibility

All Content posted by you on the Website including without limitation designs, graphics, photos, video, images, sounds, musical works, text, or any other content are your property and you are accordingly solely responsible for the Content that you post on or through any of the JiaZong.com.my Services, and any material or information that you transmit to other Members and for your interaction with other Users. You acknowledge and agree that JiaZong.com.my has no control over the Content.


By using this Website and/or any of the JiaZong.com.my Services, you are deemed to grant to JiaZong.com.my and its affiliates a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive and non-royalty bearing license to reproduce, adapt, edit, distribute, publish, display, create derivative works from or otherwise use any Content that you post on the Website throughout the world in any media now known or hereafter devised. JiaZong.com.my may sublicense the license to its parent company, subsidiaries and affiliates for purposes of promoting their respective businesses. The license granted hereunder will continue to be valid notwithstanding that your membership or this Agreement may be terminated.

Representation and warranty

You represent and warrant that:

• you own the Content posted by you on or through the JiaZong.com.my Services or have the right to grant the license to use the Content,
• you will not publish any Content which are false, untrue, damaging or which tantamount to a misrepresentation or infringes any copyright or other intellectual property rights of any person, and
• the posting of your Content on or through the JiaZong.com.my Services does not and will not violate this Agreement or any proprietary or other rights or privacy of any person.

Offensive Content

Any Content which we, in our sole and absolute discretion, consider to be offensive, illegal, harmful, a security threat or which violates this Agreement may be deleted without prior notice. We assume no responsibility for the Content or the conduct of Users and are not obliged to monitor the JiaZong.com.my Services or to screen, modify or remove inappropriate Content.


You understand and acknowledge that this is a public site and that anything you post on this Site or through any of the JiaZong.com.my Services is available and accessible to the world at large. You should not post any Content that you consider to be private or confidential. JiaZong.com.my has no obligation of confidentiality whatsoever with respect to your Content.

Moral Rights

Any moral rights you may retain in the Content are hereby waived and you agree to release JiaZong.com.my and its licensees and permitted assigns from any claims you could assert in connection with such moral rights.

JiaZong.com.my Content

JiaZong.com.my owns and retains all rights in or has the necessary license to the JiaZong.com.my Content and the JiaZong.com.my Services including without limitation the text, software, graphics, photos, sounds, music, videos, interactive features. JiaZong.com.my Content is protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other applicable laws and international conventions. You may use the JiaZong.com.my Content solely for your personal use in connection with viewing the Website and using the JiaZong.com.my Services and for no other purpose.

The JiaZong.com.my Services contain Content of Users and other JiaZong.com.my licensors. You may not copy, modify, translate, publish, broadcast, transmit, distribute, perform, display, or sell any Content appearing on or through the JiaZong.com.my Services.

Content / Activity Prohibited

Prohibited Content includes, but is not limited to Content that, in the sole discretion of JiaZong.com.my :

• is offensive and incites racism or bigotry against any group or individual;
• harasses or advocates harassment of another person;
• contains bad language including expletives and profanity, crude references and derogatory terms, hate speech or portrayal of violence;
• exploits people in a sexual or violent manner;
• contains nudity, sex, obscenity, pornography, violence, or offensive subject matter or contains a link to an adult website;
• information that causes annoyance, threatens harm or evil, encourages or incites crime or, hate propaganda or leads to public disorder;
• solicits personal information from anyone under 18;
• discriminates or insults other religions, ethnics, races or nationalities including disseminating false information with regards to outbreak of racial disturbances;
• promotes, criticizes, discriminates, disseminates false information or provides insider information on any politically related issues that will violate local, state, national or international laws including and not limited to circulation of information with regards to possible terrorist attacks or outbreak of deadly or contagious diseases;
• promotes information that you know is false or misleading or promotes illegal activities or conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libellous;
• promotes an illegal or unauthorized copy of another person's copyrighted work, such as providing pirated computer programs or links to them, providing information to circumvent manufacture-installed copy-protect devices, or providing pirated music or links to pirated music files;
• involves the transmission of "junk mail," "chain letters," or unsolicited mass mailing, instant messaging, "spimming," or "spamming";
• contains restricted or password only access pages or hidden pages or images (those not linked to or from another accessible page);
• may be a threat to national security or public health and safety or promotes any criminal activity or enterprise or provides instructional information about illegal activities including, but not limited to making or buying illegal weapons, bombs and grenades, illegal drug production or counterfeit products, violating someone's privacy, or providing or creating computer viruses that would otherwise create liability or violate any local, state, national or international law;
• solicits passwords or personal identifying information for commercial or unlawful purposes from other Users;
• involves commercial activities and/or sales without our prior written consent such as contests, barter, advertising, or pyramid schemes. However, for organisation member, this section is not applicable to you save and except for activities that promote pyramid schemes; or
• includes a photograph or any personal data or information of another person that you have posted without that person's consent.
JiaZong.com.my will not hesitate to take appropriate legal action against anyone who, in JiaZong.com.my 's sole discretion, violates this provision.

Prohibited activity includes, but is not limited to:

• criminal or tortuous activity, including child pornography, fraud, trafficking in obscene material, drug dealing, gambling, harassment, stalking, spamming, spimming, sending of viruses or other harmful files, copyright infringement, patent infringement, or theft of trade secrets;
• advertising to, or solicitation of, any Member to buy or sell any products or services through the JiaZong.com.my Services (this section is not applicable to organisation members and ‘JiaZong.com.my Marketplace’, please refer to JiaZong.com.my Marketplace Rule), transmission of any chain letters or junk email to other Members, using any information obtained from the JiaZong.com.my Services in order to contact, advertise to, solicit, or sell to any Member without their prior explicit consent. In that respect, JiaZong.com.my may limit the number of emails which a Member may send to other Members in any 24-hour period to a number which JiaZong.com.my deems appropriate in its sole discretion. If you send unsolicited bulk email, instant messages or other unsolicited communications of any kind through the JiaZong.com.my Services in breach of this provision, you acknowledge that you will have caused substantial harm to JiaZong.com.my and agree that to pay JiaZong.com.my USD50.00 for each such unsolicited email or other unsolicited communication you send through the JiaZong.com.my Services;
• covering or obscuring the banner advertisements on your personal profile page, or any JiaZong.com.my page via HTML/CSS or any other means;
• any automated use of the system, such as using scripts to add friends or send comments or messages, create reviews or blog entries;
• interfering with, disrupting, or creating an undue burden on the JiaZong.com.my Services or the networks or services connected to the JiaZong.com.my Services;
• attempting to impersonate another Member or person;
• registering on behalf of another person and uploading, transmitting, posting, sharing or make publicly available on the site any private information of any third party including but not limited to addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, identification numbers and credit card numbers;
• using the account, username, or password of another Member at any time or disclosing your password to any third party or permitting any third party to access your account;
• selling or otherwise transferring your profile;
• creating more than one user profile using different identities;
• using any information obtained from the JiaZong.com.my Services in order to harass, abuse, or harm another person;
• displaying an advertisement on your profile, or accepting payment or anything of value from a third person in exchange for your performing any commercial activity on or through the JiaZong.com.my Services on behalf of that person, such as placing commercial content on your profile, posting blogs or bulletins with a commercial purpose or sending private messages with a commercial purpose; or
• using the JiaZong.com.my Services in a manner inconsistent with any and all applicable laws and regulations;
• using JiaZong.com.my or its Services in any unlawful manner that will impair, damage, disable or overburden the site;
• upload, post, transmit, share or otherwise make available any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment;
• launching or using any automated system, including without limitation, "robots," "spiders," "offline readers," etc., that accesses the Website in a manner that sends more request messages to the JiaZong.com.my servers in a given period of time than a human can reasonably produce in the same period by using a convention on-line web browser.
(Notwithstanding the foregoing, JiaZong.com.my grants the operators of public search engines permission to use spiders to copy materials from the site for the sole purpose of creating publicly available searchable indices of the materials, but not caches or archives of such materials.)

Copyright Policy

You may not under any circumstances post, publish, modify, distribute, or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information belonging to others without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights.

We will terminate Membership privileges of repeat infringes of the copyright rights of others upon receipt of proper notification to JiaZong.com.my by the copyright owner or the copyright owner's legal agent.
If you believe that the copyright in your Content, material or work has been infringed, please provide us with the following information:

• an electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright interest;
• a description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed;
• a description of where the material that you claim is infringing is located on the JiaZong.com.my Services;
• your contact details namely, your address, telephone number, and email address;
• a written statement by you that you have a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law;
• a statement by you, made under oath, that the above information in your notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner's behalf.

Trademarks / Trademark Information

JiaZong.com.my , the logo and all other product or service names or slogans displayed on the Site are registered and/or common law trademarks of JiaZong.com.my and/or its suppliers or licensors, and may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of JiaZong.com.my or the applicable trademark holder.

In addition, the look and feel of the Site, including all page headers, custom graphics, button icons and scripts, is the service mark, trademark and/or trade dress of JiaZong.com.my and may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of JiaZong.com.my .

All other trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned in the Site are the property of their respective owners.

Reference to any products, services, processes or other information, by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, supplier or otherwise does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation thereof by JiaZong.com.my .

Member Disputes

Your use of the JiaZong.com.my Services and your interaction with other Users or Members of JiaZong.com.my are solely your responsibility. JiaZong.com.my may but is not obliged to monitor disputes between you and other Members.

You hereby release JiaZong.com.my , their officers, employees, agents and successors in rights from claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind or nature, known or unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of or in any way related to such disputes and / or the JiaZong.com.my Services.


Use of the JiaZong.com.my Services is also governed by our Privacy Policy, which is incorporated into this Agreement by reference. We may disclose your personal information if required by law or if we believe in good faith that it is reasonably necessary to do so to protect the rights and property of JiaZong.com.my . We may also use your email address to invite "friends" to connect with you using the Add Friends service.

No Third-Party Beneficiaries

This Agreement is personal to you. You may not transfer this Agreement or assign any of your rights or obligations herein to any persons.

Hyperlinks / Use of Share Links by Online Content Providers

This Website may contain links to other websites and third party content. We have no control over such websites and do not endorse or sponsor any content in such websites. We are not responsible for the content, materials, statements or opinions neither expressed on such websites nor are we obliged to investigate, monitor, review or verify the accuracy or completeness of such content, materials, statements or opinions. Your access to third party websites and content are solely at your own risk.
You are permitted to link to materials on the Website strictly for personal, non-commercial purposes. You may incorporate the "Embeddable Player" feature provided on the Website into your own personal, non-commercial websites for use in accessing the materials on the Website, provided that you include a prominent link back to the Website on the pages containing the Embeddable Player. JiaZong.com.my reserves the right to discontinue any aspect of the Website at any time.


User Submission / Communication
This Website may contain information posted by users ("User Submission"). Such information may be personal information, expressions, opinions or statements about various subject matters. You are encouraged to use your good judgment and exercise prudence in evaluating such information. JiaZong.com.my is not responsible for the accuracy, truth or completeness of such information.
JiaZong.com.my assumes no liability for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, any User or Member communication.

JiaZong.com.my makes no warranty that the JiaZong.com.my Services will meet your requirements.

You agree to waive any rights or remedies you may have against JiaZong.com.my with respect to User Submissions that are offensive or objectionable and you further agree to indemnify JiaZong.com.my , its operators, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, co-branders, partners employees and/or licensors, harmless to the fullest extent allowed by law regarding all matters related to your use of the site.
JiaZong.com.my expressly disclaims any and all liability in connection with the Content, User Submissions or any materials posted on the Website.

Third Party Advertisements and Promotions

By using JiaZong.com.my Services, you agree that JiaZong.com.my has the right to run third party advertisements, promotions and provide links associated with these advertisements and promotions in any manner and at any time.

JiaZong.com.my assumes no liability on any correspondence, business dealings, participation arising from these advertisements and promotions. Non-delivery of products and services, terms and conditions, warranties and representations associated with such dealings is solely between you and the third parties. JiaZong.com.my shall not be responsible for any loss and damages suffered from these dealings or from non-availability of these links.

Technical malfunction / Viruses

JiaZong.com.my is not responsible for any technical problems or malfunction of any telecommunications network or internet systems, servers or service providers, computer or mobile phone equipment, software, failure of any email due to technical problems or traffic congestion on the internet or on any of the JiaZong.com.my Services or combination thereof, including any injury or damage to Users or to any person's computer related to or resulting from participation or downloading materials in connection with the JiaZong.com.my Services, including without limitation any third party software.
JiaZong.com.my is not responsible in respect of any loss or damage suffered in resulting from any bugs, viruses, trojan horses or the like which may be transmitted to or through the Website by any third party.

Loss or Damage

JiaZong.com.my is not responsible for any loss or damage, including any loss or damage to any User Content or personal injury or death, resulting from use of the JiaZong.com.my Services, participation at any JiaZong.com.my events, use of any Content posted on or through the JiaZong.com.my Services, or attributable to the interaction with or conduct of any Users of the JiaZong.com.my Services, whether online or offline.

Content on the Website

Content on the Website is provided to you "AS IS" for your personal use and information only and may not be used, copied, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, sold, licensed or otherwise exploited for any commercial or other purposes whatsoever without the prior written consent of the respective owners. JiaZong.com.my expressly disclaims any warranty of fitness of the Content for a particular purpose or non-infringement.

Limitation of Liability

Some jurisdictions do not allow the disclaimer of implied warranties. In such jurisdictions, the foregoing disclaimers may not apply to you insofar as they relate to implied warranties. Other provisions not affected remain valid and effective.
JiaZong.com.my reserves all rights not expressly granted in and to the Website and the Content.

Indemnity / Indemnification

You shall indemnify and hold JiaZong.com.my , its parent company, subsidiaries, and affiliates, and their respective officers, agents, partners and employees, harmless from any loss, liability, claim, demand, cost and expenses (including attorneys' fees) relating to or arising out of your use, misuse or abuse of the JiaZong.com.my Services and/or any breach of your representations and warranties and/or any of these Terms of Use and/or if any Content that you post on the Website or through the JiaZong.com.my Services causes JiaZong.com.my to be liable to another.

JiaZong.com.my Marketplace is only a venue

JiaZong.com.my Marketplace is not an auctioneer, JiaZong.com.my Marketplace is only a venue. Instead, the Site acts as a venue to allow anyone to offer, sell, and buy just about anything, at any time, from anywhere, in a variety of pricing formats. We are not involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers. As a result, we have no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items advertised the truth or accuracy of the listings, the ability of sellers to sell items or the ability of buyers to pay for items. We cannot ensure that a buyer or seller will actually complete a transaction.

We do not control the information provided by other users that is made available through our system. You may find other user's information to be offensive, harmful, inaccurate, or deceptive. Please use caution, common sense, and practice safe trading when using the Site. Please note that there are also risks of dealing with underage persons or people acting under false pretence. Additionally, there may also be risks dealing with international trade and foreign nationals. By using this Site, you agree to accept such risks and JiaZong.com.my is not responsible for the acts or omissions of users on the Site.

We cannot control the information provided by other users, which is made available through our system. Note that all graphics displayed in listings may reside on our servers, but we do not and cannot control the images that are uploaded by our users. Information and images posted by a member may be offensive, harmful or inaccurate, and in some cases will be mislabelled or deceptively labelled. We expect that you will use caution and common sense when using our site. We are not liable for any images that have been placed on our servers, as they are beyond our control.

Fraud, Cheating or Scam

By using this website for transaction, you agreed that JiaZong.com.my , as a venue, are not responsible for any losses arise from Fraud, Cheating or Scam from your bidding, buying, or direct negotiation or transaction conducted within buyers or sellers.

We are not responsible for any losses arise from Fraud, Cheating or Scam which arise from you clicking any of the banners appears in JiaZong.com.my and related site and re-directed to any third party website for any transaction you done with third party.


Your use of the Website or any of the JiaZong.com.my Services signifies your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and is further affirmed by your becoming a Member.

This Agreement together with the Privacy Policy and any other legal notices published by JiaZong.com.my on the Website constitutes the entire agreement between you and JiaZong.com.my regarding the access to the Website and the use of the JiaZong.com.my Services.

Failure or delay of JiaZong.com.my to exercise or enforce any of its rights under this Agreement shall not operate as a waiver of such right or preclude JiaZong.com.my from exercising such right in the future.

JiaZong.com.my is a trademark of Foundermall Dot Com Sdn Bhd.

This Agreement operates to the fullest extent permissible by law. If any provision of this Agreement is unlawful, void or unenforceable, that provision is deemed severed from this Agreement and the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions shall continue to remain in full force and effect.

Any claim or dispute between you and JiaZong.com.my of whatever nature arising from the Website shall be decided in accordance with the laws of Malaysia under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Malaysian courts.

Notwithstanding any other provisions contained herein, JiaZong.com.my reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without any notice or liability to you, to

• block or prevent your future access to and use of all or any portion of the Website or JiaZong.com.my Services or Content;
• change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Website, JiaZong.com.my Services or Content; and
• impose limits on the Website, JiaZong.com.my Services or Content.

Because we do not control interactions among between members and other persons or companies, and because we cannot guarantee the true identity, age, nationality of users, and because we have very limited control, if any, over the quality, safety, morality, legality, truthfulness or accuracy of various aspects, you agree that you bear all risks and you agree to release us (and our officers, directors, shareholders, agents, employees, affiliates, subsidiaries, and third party partners) from claims, demands, and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, now and in the future, arising out of or in any way connected with your use, your Third Party Transactions, and/or our resolution of any disputes among users. You further waive any and all rights and benefits otherwise conferred by any statutory or non-statutory law of any jurisdiction that would purport to limit the scope of a release or waiver.

Please note for Group Owner / Forum Moderator, you must be 18 years old and above to register either to be a host or to be hosted by someone. By registering, it means you confirm the age you declare is genuine and correct. For Neighbourhood Group Owner, you must be the residence of the particular neighbourhood. JiaZong.com.my reserves the right to terminate the neighbourhood group if you are found not a resident of the neighbourhood.

Further, if your host or the person you're hosting is acting or has acted inappropriately, including but not limited to offensive, violent or sexually inappropriate behaviour, and steals from you, you must immediately report this person to the appropriate authorities and alert us at admin@ JiaZong.com.my . However, your report does not obligate us to take any action or cause us to be liable.
If you have any questions about these Terms of Use and any of the aforementioned statements may contact JiaZong.com.my at support@ JiaZong.com.my .