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2 Ruben Dias, Manchester City
One of the biggest names in the Premier League for the past two seasons is Ruben Dias FC 24 Coins. The Portuguese international won Manchester CityArsquo;s Player of the Season in his debut 2020-2021 campaign, all as a center back.

He must have a unique skill set to pull that off, right? His 88 overall includes an 88 in Physicality and Defense. His ability to muscle opponents off the ball and put in a game-changing tackle just minutes after sets him apart from other defenders in the game.

1 Virgil Van Dijk, Liverpool F.C.
Perhaps the most prolific center back in modern-day soccer is Virgil van Dijk. Known for catapulting Liverpool into such a successful string of seasons over the past four years, van Dijk is the best defender in any FC 24 mode.

He maintains stable defensive positioning and is able to win the ball in any area of the fieldAndash;either in the box for a header or at midfield to stop a counterattack. Virgil van Dijk is one of those players you can count on to win you games on both sides of the pitch.

The Best Young Right Backs To Sign In FC 24 Career Mode

Strengthening your defense should be one of your top priorities in FC 24 Career Mode cheap EAFC 24 Coins, as it might be vital in winning titles. When deploying a four-man backline, you will undoubtedly need to focus on getting good right backs, given that they will be crucial on both offense and defense.
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