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发布 10:24 AM 6 August 2022

Support-oriented Bards generally, there are two primary stats that players will want to focus on Buy Lost Ark Gold. This will allow players to maximize the value of their builds, and they could build one of most powerful bards' supports that anyone has ever seen to date in Lost Ark.


One of the most important stats that players need to prioritize is Swiftness, and this is crucial when it comes to players who are playing the Lost Ark Bard Support Build, purely because of the sluggishness that it is. Bard character is. For those who have played for a while who knows, bards struggle with mobility, and they're unable to cast spells or healing buffs with the maximum speed.

To catch up to the speed of their fellow group members, investing points into swiftness is crucial so that players can get increased mobility and getting an increase in their skill cooldown. This allows them to cast their abilities even more quickly.


Another crucial aspect that players do not want to miss out on can be found in The Specialization which Bards in Lost ark can benefit highly from. In essence, players who choose to invest in Specialization will receive a boost to their skills, whether for the increased attack mobility, mobility, or cooling downs.

The players will concentrate on three primary kinds of builds when focusing on a Support build designed for Bards which can vary from focusing more on a swiftness-based build, specialization-based build cheapest Lost Ark Gold, or even a mix of both.

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