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发布 11:28 AM 5 August 2022

Lost Ark: How to Improve Health and Heal

Lost Ark is a popular p2pARPG that was developed in collaboration with Smilegate RPG Buy Lost Ark Gold, and is finally coming to the English-speaking world via Amazon Game Studios. The game takes place within the world of Arkesia, where players must travel to find clues that lead to the location of the titular lost ark and stop the evil gangs from getting their hands on the ark. Here's how you can heal and restore health during Lost Ark.

While Lost Ark does a pretty damn good job in making players feel confident even before they begin your game experience, there's a chance that you'll run into some tough encounters that could offer a challenge around. That's why it's important to learn how to heal and restore health whenever you're caught in difficulty. Some classes, like the Mage, are able to heal up with their abilities. Other classes will need to utilize more traditional methods for healing, such as potions.

Healing in Lost Ark

If you're using a character with healing capabilities then all you have to do is click onto your hotbar.Make sure that you've got the healing ability on your hotbar , by pressing K then moving the ability to the bar. Once you've done that, you'll need to manually click on the hotbar to use it, then press the keybind for it to trigger the ability. Do note that all abilities come with cooling times, so be cautious with how often you're spamming it.

If you don't have healing abilities, you'll have to use potions. Use the I button to open your inventory, and then drag your potions to your hotbar. Similar to healing powers that you can use, click on them to instantly consume a potion. Do note that potions do also have a cooldown period that is about 10 seconds so make sure you use them properly cheap Lost Ark Gold.

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