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发布 2:33 PM 8 November 2021

Lineage W ranked as the top Korean gaming app on Google Play Store in terms of daily sales on Nov. 6. The mobile game also clinched the title of the country's top-grossing game on Apple Store.

"Google Play Store accounts for more than 60% of the domestic mobile gaming market in a country where the vast majority are Android smartphone users," said a gaming industry source. "Taking the top spot on Google app store means it is now No. 1 player in the domestic mobile gaming market."

Lineage W is integrating the same server to almost all regions that it is releasing today. Global One Build will allow players to join the same servers even if they’re from different parts of the world. As far as the gameplay experience can tell, it might cause a ping problem when players aren’t at the level of the problem. To create an improved experience, the game is opening a new server, Pandora, which includes Pandora 11, 12 and 12 servers.

NCSoft’s Lineage M, a mobile version of the original 1998 MMORPG Lineage, is one of the highest-grossing mobile titles of all time, generating $3.5 billion in its lifetime. The game continues to generate a vast amount of income for the company and was the highest-earning game on Google Play for May 2021.

NCSOFT revealed a new commercial of its multi-platform MMORPG Lineage W which has been launched in 12 countries and regions, including Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. The new TV commercial and digital ad feature Game of Thrones star Kit Harington delivering an epic speech to his Blood Brethren before the battle.

Since it was launched in 12 countries simultaneously, the latest mobile game offers artificial intelligence-based, real-time translation services to ensure smooth communication between gamers from different countries. Lineage W is NCSoft's most popular game among foreigners.

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