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Muxia (带领)
活动名称 Warcraft Classic TBC may be getting Wrath
The blood elves are just one of the many playable races in the fantasy MMORPG game, wow tbc classic gold, but some may wonder why choosing to play as one involves fighting in the name of the Horde. In comparison to others of the Horde the blood elves may seem like the odd ones out particularly when they are in the same category as tauren, orcs, trolls and undead. To understand why the sin'dorei have pledged themselves in WoW's Horde and not the Alliance, one needs to be aware of the past that existed prior to the game's release.

The tale of the blood-elves (sin'dorei in their native language) is worth noting, since only fairly recently have they donned this title in place of the name they were previously known as the high elves, or simply Quel'dorei. They are distant relatives of the night elves and have been identified by their love with magic and, particularly, their dependence upon the power of magic. In the beginning of Warcraft history, the top Elves enjoyed a luxurious life in clean lands, their beauty of which became legend to other races on the continent.

The time that the orcs invaded Azeroth during the First War and dealt a devastating and decisive blow to humanity (one of World of Warcraft's most important moments) the Alliance of Lordaeron was formed as a way to deter the threat of orcs. The high elves, already in debt to humans for their aid with the fight against the trolls that had threatened them previously, quickly joined forces with the early Alliance. It was their salvation as it wasn't long until the orcs attacked their homeland of Quel'thalas. The Second War enacted a heavy toll on all who participated but the Alliance won, and the elves went home to recover from their wounded.

The story is fully realized in the story of the well-loved RTS game Warcraft 3. Arthas Menethil was perhaps the game's most notorious and powerful character - had sinned against his own people and pled his life to the Scourge. His aim was to revive the powerful necromancer Kel'thuzad. To accomplish it, he had to have the kind of power only found in the high elf city of Silvermoon. In particular, he sought the Sunwell that was the source of unlimited magical energy that served as the beating heart of high-elf culture.

The Fallen Prince took an undead armies, which was bolstered by the multitude of bodies of the Lordearon's people and marched straight for his prize. Many attempted to stop him including the well-known Warcraft character Sylvanas Windrunner but she, just like any other soldier, was killed mercilessly and raised into soulless service. The high elves reached out to aid, but no aid came by their allies. Most people in the Alliance was or was not close enough to help or was dead. Arthas did nothing less than genocide with buy TBC Classic Gold, eliminating nine-tenths of the population of elves in one cruel sweep. What's more, he defiled the Sunwell beyond recognition, destroying the high elves' source of magic and their faith in the future.
活动日期/时间 6 August 2022 3:41 PM到31 August 2022 4:41 PM
主办人 Muxia
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