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Muxia (带领)
活动名称 Players are asked two questions in the game
活动介绍 Some players have noticed that improving certain skills will affect the OVR of a player. For instance, games could make one of the best running backs in the game but totally ignore their throwing ability with Mut 23 coins. The OVR will place more emphasis on a halfback's running skills rather than their throwing skills.

But, don't be enticed by the need to pick up a skill just because it can make an athlete's OVR better. The game's mechanics are focused on play and choices above player rating. Players with an OVR lower then Trevor Lawrence can be drafted ahead of him if they outplay and out-wit him.

Interview Answers

Players are asked two questions in the game, and both of them will affect their draft stock. All six answers are actually decent, however, Scouts will choose two answers more than the others. Both "correct" answers are located on the left of the wheel. The first answer is "We'll be working Together" as well as the second response"Without A Doubt "Without doubt." For those who don't focus on their draft stock are perfectly free to declare what they like.

Quit and Retry

There is no reason not to complete everything in a perfect manner. Of course, everybody makes mistakes and human beings are not perfect, but the computer doesn't need to know that. There is a method to making the results of every skill and game flawless.

If the participants make a mistake it is best to quit the session and then restart the situation. The skill exercise will start over again. For games that are full, if it's not going according to plan, simply quit and, when re-entering the game, select "delete." The game will then begin at the beginning.

Select the Plays

The game features a helpful default feature that lets coaches suggest a handful of options and players select which plays look best. Unfortunately, the coaches do not intend to make the character look like a superstar.If there's a desire to gain two sacks take over playcalling and choose plays with the linebacker blitz. If the objective is to throw three touchdowns, don't use the run play that's standard on the two-yard line.

Hawaii Or New York?

Although the choice of playing either in Hawaii and/or New York doesn't appear to make a difference, it does. The fact that I've played the entire campaign twice, and with the same results, apart from this , going to New York increases the chances to be drafted higher.

Maybe it's because the charity event held in Hawaii isn't getting as much publicity as it does the Nike event which is in New York. It could be the best choice to make, however those who wish to go number one must make an important business decision here.

Stay Goal-Oriented

It's quite possible to play through an entire game, throw ten touchdowns, and yet not score a lot of points for abilities. The aim of the game is to score a touchdown or throw for some amount of yards.

It's where the experiences can really add up buy mut 23 coins. This isn't to say that throwing touchdowns for a touchdown is bad in any way, but keep all of the goals for the week and season in mind while taking the field.
活动日期/时间 5 August 2022 9:07 AM到31 August 2022 10:07 AM
主办人 Muxia
地点 http ://www.mmoexp.com
活动类别 聚会
8 天前
Muxia 创建了新活动: Players are asked two questions in the game
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