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Muxia (带领)
活动名称 Let's look at the top level 85 farming spots on Diablo 2
活动介绍 "On Sunday morning Pacific time, we suffered an outage throughout the world because of an abrupt increase in traffic with D2R Items
. It was a threshold that our servers hadn't had before, at least not prior to launch," Blizzard explained.This was exacerbated by an update we had rolled out earlier that day to enhance performance around game creation. These two factors together strained our global database, causing it to go out of service. We made the decision to roll back the Friday update we'd previously deployed hoping to ease the load on the servers through Sunday, while also giving us the time to explore what caused the problem.

On Sunday, however it was clear that what we'd done on the previous day wasn't enough. On Sunday, we saw a much greater volume of traffic, which caused us to experience another downtime. Our game servers were observing the database's inability to connect and tried to reconnectseveral times which meant that the database didn't have time to complete the work we'd completed because it was too busy handling a continuous stream of connection attempts by game servers. In this period, we also discovered that we could make configuration improvements to our data event log, that is required to restore an appropriate state in the event of a database issue, and so we made those changes, and carried out further analysis of the root cause.

Not exactly the recipe for a fun weekend, that. This is also the reason why players were experiencing numerous issues with their playing progress. You'd pick your character, start a game, play for a while and then the regional server could not communicate with the central database because of an downtime. This meant it wasn't able to tell Diablo 2's source in "ground truth" about the latest gear and XP you'd gained, resulting in frustrated players losing some of their progress.

If there's a new server or status update, we'll make sure to update this article in line with the latest information, so make sure to refresh this every now and then to ensure that the servers are back up at that time.Check out the most recent title update to the game that included it's Ladder directly here. Bookmark this page on our Diablo 2 Resurrected game hub for the most up-to-date information about the game.

The issue only got more serious from that point on. Diablo 2 servers came back online. Diablo 2 servers came back operational, however, they were not online during a time where the majority of players were online. So even though the servers rebounded rapidly, they crashed nearly immediately as soon as the hundreds of thousands Diablo 2 instances fired up.

If the weekend was bad it was followed by a miserable Tuesday and Monday didn't get any better:This leads us into the 11th of October and the switch between the global databases. This resulted in another outage the backup database was not able to run the backup process with buy diablo II resurrected items
. This meant that it spent the majority of its time trying copying from the second database when it should've been servicing requests from servers.
活动日期/时间 2 August 2022 9:06 AM到31 August 2022 10:06 AM
主办人 Muxia
地点 https://www.p2pah.com
活动类别 聚会
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