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Muxia (带领)
活动名称 NBA 2K23 features more of similar features
活动介绍 In the following five weeks during the five weeks, players will need to utilize the card they have received earlier in the day to take advantage of the day's reward. Vit Krejci from Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder is the day two reward. It is available via the day 1 Antetokounmpo challenge card and is rated an overall score of 76.

The depth of Season 6's content, NBA 2K23 also released a brand new series pack, titled Takeoff in the wake of the successful release in the Metamorphosis pack. It also includes certain prestigious units that players aren't likely to want to miss out on.

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活动日期/时间 1 January 1970 8:00 AM到31 December 2022 6:17 PM
主办人 NBA 2K23 MT
地点 https://www.rsgoldfast.com
活动类别 其他
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