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 Colts vs. Patriots is a legendary Madden NFL 23 matchup which brings back images that include Peyton Manning and Tom Brady But this is the new generation of these two teams Madden 23 Coins. What makes it more fascinating is that they are both in the NFL. Patriots are currently in 2nd place in the AFC and the Colts are currently in 6th place.

Should New England beat them, they'll go to first, Indianapolis to 7th -- potentially leading to a divisional playoff round matchup in the event that the Colts get through an automatic wild card. It'll be fascinating to see how the Pats are going to defeat Jonathan Taylor, and whether Carson Wentz can continue his development.
Can the Bills keep their embarrassment at bay?
Buffalo is still reeling from several crushing losses in recent weeks, and may soon find themselves not making the playoffs if they do not get back on track. In reality, it's going to take for a total collapse due to their sluggish schedule down the stretch.
However, this team has demonstrated a flair for beating the odds. In fact, they were beaten by Urban Meyer and the Jaguars. Therefore, this week's game against Carolina would need be a dumpster fire to lose, but assume it happens for a second. What would that mean to the Bills as well as their perception of them? This alone is an intriguing case.
Does the NFC East's fight of the bubble a game of the week?
The highest stakes for the playoffs this week lies in Eagles in the matchup between Philadelphia. Washington. Philadelphia is on the outside but Washington is currently seeded. However, Washington has been bitten by the Covid bug too and finds themselves missing swathes of personnel.

Another one that's disappointing because it's being affected this manner. I think we might see a playoff spot being made by the Reserve/Covid roster for this game. In the end, I think the depletion of  Buy Mut 23 Coins Washington is capable of standing with the uncertain Eagles which is why this could be a fascinating event.

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