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 Patch 9.2 is scheduled to release at what appears to be a turning point for Blizzard's long-running MMORPG, which is now 18 years company itself. Many of WoTLK Gold the long-held assumptions regarding the way WoW is evolving in the coming patch, and there's no better illustration than the upcoming ability for players on Horde and Alliance to Horde and Alliance to team together to create content such as raids and dungeons first time. The feature won't be released in patch 9.2 and instead will be available as part of patch 9.2.5 The positive user response to such a massive change has been validating, Dawson said.


"We had hoped that the community would perceive it the way we were seeing it that it was the effort to bring people playing together and have fun," Dawson said. "Play WoW the way you desire, take part in the most premium content with your friends, no matter what they picked when they viewed the character select screen to pick Horde or Alliance."


Blizzard is also more involved to the community's concerns in regards to the game's future than ever before. Alongside being open to feedback from players in all aspects, Blizzard recently implemented the WoW Community Council, a specially-designed forum for invite-only players that was created to reflect a broad portion of the game's players. 9.2 is the latest patch to add content. 9.2 is the first update to content since the creation of the community council as well as another way Blizzard is trying to understand the game's vast and diverse community.


"The community in general has probably had the most influence I've observed on the direction for the PTR cycle to this content update" Dawson said. "It's amazing to look at the changes we've made, and the reaction from the community as well as their gratitude in our ability to listen, and modify, and make good decisions."


Patch 9.2 is scheduled to be released on February 22. which will also see the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid unlocking March 1. The Eternity's End update will bring the return of tiers of classes and a new arena for buy WoTLK Classic Gold PvP as well as the brand new Zereth Mortis zone, and more. Read the full 9.2 patch notes here.



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