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Fast forward to 2022. following the release of the final patch for Shadowlands and what can only be described as a year of reckoning Blizzard and the belief that players will always return will no longer be true WoTLK Gold. Affected by ongoing sexual discrimination and harassment issues as well as two extremely not-popular expansions in one row, and more competition in gaming's MMO realm than it has ever been before. This means that the top spot occupied by WoW is now available for the winning.
It's a glitch caused by Blizzard's very own mistakes. Despite huge sales gamers quickly became dissatisfied with Shadowlands the expansion that took players to a completely new world and featured appearances from fans of characters like Uther, Garrosh Hellscream, and more. From a theoretical standpoint, Shadowlands could have been a smash hit.
Unfortunately, Shadowlands proved to be a colossal disappointment. While the core gameplay of WoW is as snappy and enjoyable just like it always has been, WoW has become more and more entangled in systems that seem intent to drain the fun of the game. The roguelike-inspired dungeon Torghast quickly became a lengthy chore that players had to finish every week. Stories were a burden to making weekly and daily checklists for weeks on end. Players felt locked into choices such as Covenants and restricted to systems like Conduit energy The calls from the community to change appearing to be ignored and ears that remained unanswered for over a year. Changes to those system did happen but they came too late for the matter.

Shadowlands followed the same formula of ending-game world quests, reputation-based grinds, and Mythic+ progression that the game's popular Legion and, in turn, the unpopular Battle for Azeroth expansions did. While those systems worked in Legion when it was novel and innovative, all but Mythic+ had gotten old after Battle for Azeroth. After that, the systems moved forward into Shadowlands on the third occasion, it was like Blizzard was running out of concepts. The game in cheap WoTLK Classic Gold Shadowlands, WoW felt less as a game that could be played but more like something to do on a daily or weekly regular basis.

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