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 But it's unclear what the exact storyline would be. There was also reports that Sony announced that a Gran Turismo show was in D2R Ladder Items the works, however it's possible that this was reported incorrectly and Sony said it was a film and only a film. In any case, something is happening and it's making fans confused.

Gran Turismo is an extremely precise racing franchise, with no story and no action with high stakes, or anything of the sorts leaving many to wonder what the story could be. There have been speculations that a television show could mimic something like Top Gear and just be a reality TV show about cars. As for what a film could look like, no person is sure.
Fortnite Influencers Receive Strange Season 3 Teasers for Fortnite The third season of Chapter 3 is set to come to an end on June 4th, and it appears that Epic Games is starting to prepare for the release of Season 3. At least two Fortnite influencers were sent images from Epic Games on Twitter this morning. One of the images was shared on behalf of YouTuber Alistair "Ali-A" Aiken and a second one was later shared by Hiper.
It's unclear if the photos are meant to be teasers of the upcoming "Collision" event or perhaps for the start of the season. Whatever the case, these two pictures have plenty of fans wondering! This month, Ali-A was the latest influencer to be included as one of Fortnite's Icon Series, so it is only natural for him to be selected for this kind of campaign. However, it's difficult to make out anything in the image. There are some speculations among fans that it might have something to do with space, or perhaps possibly the Death Star.

Darth Vader has been heavily rumored for the new season's Battle Pass, and Epic Games chief creative officer Donald Mustard has also been sharing hints about Star Wars content lately Buy D2R Ladder Items. Most of the hints are centered around the LEGO AT-AT, but it's possible to see the larger weapon of the Empire!

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